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About Foyer

At Foyer, we believe businesses thrive when they treat their online interactions just like in-person interaction. When a client drops off files at your office, you'd make sure your office looks clean and modern. You would keep your client's paperwork behind a locked door, and certainly wouldn't let strangers in. You would build a relationship with your clients by talking to them personally as they stop by.

All too often, software can take the personal touch out of business. We see this often with long email chains, dated interfaces, and security issues. You wouldn't want an old, dated office where you communicate by passing notes and where you can't lock the frontdoor. Businesses deserve a solution better than that. That's why we have built a secure client portal for businesses that is interactive, secure, and modern.

Our mission for a secure future

We strive to make security more accessible to businesses by making a secure client portal that both businesses and clients prefer to use over unsecured options. Because when the secure option is also the easiest to use, it eliminates the all-too-common incentive for users to skip security measures.

All data within your Foyer organization is encrypted in transit and at rest with bank-grade encryption to ensure your business is safe. This includes files, messages, and all personal user data.

From one business to another

As a business, we understand the pain with adopting new software and the frustration when getting support seems impossible. We understand that just like us, you just want to be productive and not deal with the complexity of setting up new software. We provide you the best personal customer support included with all our plans so we can get your business onboarded, resolve any issue that arises, and even integrate with your existing technology.

You can always email our support team for any inqueries and we will give you dedicated support for your business. When you're just getting started, we will work with you directly to make your business productive with Foyer as soon as possible.

Our Core Values

Customer success is our success.

At the end of the day, our success is measured by our customer's success. We keep customers on the front of our minds, and are constantly working on amplifying the awesome work that our customers are doing.

Keep it simple.

People work better with less distractions. Although this core value is stated simply, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to find a way to simplify. We work hard to simplify everything we do.

Be kind.

The world is better when people care for one another. At Foyer, we just think its just the right thing to do. Our support is always personable and catered to you as an individual. If anything isn't right, we care deeply to make it right. It is our mission to understand what unique solutions and assistance we can bring for every client.

Make it accessible.

If we are to improve the world through software, we ought to make sure every person has access. After all, in security, if anyone is excluded it leads to circumvention and, ultimately, data breaches. We do extra work to make sure all people, regardless of ability or technical know-how are able to use our software.

Be practical.

Before working on any effort, think of the utility. What real-world solutions will we solve? Who's lives will we improve? Thinking this way, leads to better customer outcomes and less time spent creating a tool for a problem that doesn't exist.

We focus on people

We are focused on thinking from other's perspectives. We aren't just designing the best client portal service we can, we are designing solutions to critical real-world problems. This mentality guides us to efficient workflows that people can easily understand, and to think ahead so we already have the answers to your questions. You'll find this in practice through our knowledge base, and written and video guides.

We help build relationships

In a world that is constantly online, it is important to not forget that you aren't just building your business, you are building relationships. That could be relationships with your clients, employees, or between other businesses. We enable businesses to be able to build relationships by focusing hard on client interaction and business collaboration. You'll see this through our interactive features like our real-time messenger and notifictions.

We make security accessible

Foyer's security works automatically and transparently. That's one less thing you have to worry about and learn how to use. You can easily make your own portal site, drag and drop files, and we will worry about protecting that data with the strongest encryption algorithms available (AES256 and RSA). We make it easy to do business securely.

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