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HIPAA-compliant Document Sharing

Share patient and medical records securely through your own HIPAA-compliant document sharing portal. Files, messages, and forms are secured with enterprise-grade encryption.
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What is HIPAA-compliant Document Sharing?

HIPAA-compliant document sharing is a service for exchanging medical documents (like patient records) also known as Protected Health Information (PHI) online. These services, known as HIPAA-compliant client portals, implement the rules put forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) on how protected health information must be handled. HIPAA was put in place to protect patient's information by requiring strong security practices for parties who interact with personal health information. Using HIPAA-compliant document sharing software makes it easy for your business to share files quickly and easily all while keeping your patient's data safe.

Secure HIPAA-compliant File Sharing with Foyer

HIPAA-compliant Cloud Storage

Industry-leading data transfer rates for both uploads and downloads.

Custom Branding

Use your own custom colors and logos in your own file sharing portal.

Enterprise-grade Encryption

Every file is encrypted in transit and at rest with bank-grade encryption.

Comprehensive Audit Logs

Every action is logged from logins to viewing any file.

Sign Files

Get any file signed quickly using DocuSign, the industry-leading eSignature solution.

The Best Price

Foyer is affordable with our standard plan being just $10 per month per internal user.

File Preview

Click on any file to quickly view a preview of a file for common document and media file types.

Folder Organization

Organize your client's files in folders using an easy-to-use interface. Just drag and drop.

Our features make HIPAA-compliant Document Sharing even better.

Client Portal

Give your business a safe and productive place for your clients to share documents and interact. Customizable using your company's own colors and logos to build trust around your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About HIPAA-compliant Document Sharing

How to get started with secure HIPAA-compliant file sharing?

To begin securely sharing files in compliance with HIPAA using Foyer, you can easily reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, including signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to formalize the compliance measures and setting up your organization's own white-label client portal.

Do I need HIPAA-compliant file sharing?

If you're handling any Protected Health Information (PHI) as part of your services, adopting HIPAA-compliant file sharing is not just beneficial—it's a legal requirement. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any organization that deals with PHI must ensure all aspects of its handling, including sharing and storage, comply with HIPAA's stringent security measures. This compliance helps prevent unauthorized access to patient information and maintains the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare data. Whether you're a healthcare provider, an insurance company, or a business associate of such entities, integrating HIPAA-compliant solutions into your data management practices is crucial for both legal compliance and maintaining the trust of your clients and patients.

What makes Foyer secure for HIPAA data?

Foyer ensures HIPAA compliance through robust security measures. We protect all data with end-to-end encryption, meaning every file and message is secured from upload to access. Our platform provides detailed audit trails for all events from logging in to previewing a file. Access control is customizable, allowing for precise management of who can see or edit information, and we support Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) for an added layer of security against unauthorized access. These features and more combine to make Foyer a reliable and secure choice for healthcare organizations to share sensitive information compliantly.

Is Email HIPAA Compliant?

Using email for sharing sensitive information can be risky, particularly when it involves HIPAA compliance. Email platforms, by default, may not offer the necessary security measures required for HIPAA compliance, such as encryption in transit and at rest. For this reason, employing a secure client portal service specifically designed to meet HIPAA standards is essential. These services ensure that files containing PHI (Protected Health Information) are encrypted, providing access controls and audit trails, which are critical for maintaining confidentiality and integrity.

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