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Secure Client Portal

Give your business a safe and productive place for your clients to share documents and interact. Have your own custom white label client portal using your company's colors and logos to build trust around your brand.
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Secure file transfer, real-time messenger, and custom client login portal

What is a Client Portal?

A client portal serves as a dedicated website for service-based companies, including accounting, legal, and tax firms. It gives customers and staff access to important documents, sign contracts, engage in real-time chat, upload documents, and more. A portal can be used as a white label document management system to store files with staff and clients. Client portals are protected by requiring users to login with their own account. All data is protected via advanced security measures such as encryption and role based access. Client portals can even be a place for secure internal collaboration and file exchange between employees.

Use the Best Modern Client Portal

Secure File Sharing

Quick and simple file sharing to enable your clients to securely upload and download files.

Real-time Messenger

Communicate with your clients effectively using your own real-time messenger.

Custom Branding

Build up your brand by customizing your portal using your own colors and logos.

Secured with Encryption

All files, messages, and user data is encrypted in transit and at rest with bank-grade encryption.

Sign Files

Get your client's signatures quickly using DocuSign, the industry-leading eSignature solution.

The Best Price

Foyer is affordable with our standard plan being just $10 per month per internal user.

Email Notifications

Get notifications via email for file uploads and unread messages so you never miss any client activity.

Folder Organization

Organize your client's files in folders using an easy-to-use interface. Just drag and drop.

Our features make Client Portals even better.

Secure File Sharing

Quickly and securely exchange files with your clients in your company's own custom branded client portal. All files are encrypted at rest and in transit. All you have to do is drag-and-drop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Client Portals

What is a client portal?

A client portal is a company site for service businesses (such as accounting, legal, and taxes) where customers can access important documents, sign contracts, engage in chat, upload documents, and more. Client portals can also be used as document collection software, a document collection portal, document portal, or document upload portal to retrieve data from customers. Documents collected from clients can then be shared securely between staff.

Should my business have a client portal?

Client portals streamline client workflows, put all documents in one place and keep customer's data secure. Without a client portal, organizations would have to use a combination of solutions such as email, document management solutions, and signature services. Having all these different solutions could lead to loss of branding opportunities for a business, increased costs to manage multiple services, and more complexity with managing client interactions between different solutions. Likely, you'll find the affordable cost of a client portal to be worth it. Foyer plans are as low as $10/mo.

How long does it take to setup a client portal?

You can have your company's own client portal ready in a few minutes. This is great compared to custom portal development which can take months, and costs far more.

Why not use email instead of a client portal?

Email is not a secure method of transferring files or messages. Emails can easily get lost, go to spam, get blocked by end user mailboxes due to security filters, and are often sent and stored without protection. A client portal provides a secure way of transferring files, and ensures that your files and messages never get lost.

How do customers use a client portal?

After signing up, you'll be given a custom link just for your business. You can place the link on your own website to make it easy for clients to find your portal. Clients can login with their own username and password.

Why not use DropBox or Google Drive instead of a client portal?

DropBox and Google Drive are document storage solutions, they are not designed for customized client interaction workflows. Client portals can be customized to fit the unique branding of a business, store all files and messages in one place, and provide customized integrations into third party solutions to make your business easier to run.

What can a client portal do?

A client portal has two primary functions: #1 enabling client collaboration and #2 protecting your business. Client collaboration is provided by features such as secure file sharing, and real-time messenging. This allows businesses to distribute sensitive information to their clients, and lets the business collect sensitive information from their clients. Foyer's client portals are an all-in-one solution allowing your business to exchange files, send messages, and request file signatures.

Which businesses use client portals?

All businesses that serve clients could find value in a client portal. This includes businesses such as accounting firms, legal firms, CPAs, tax preparation services, real estate businesses, and more. Client portals can be used at any business as an internal collaboration tool by using the secure document storage and messaging features within your team.

Is it hard to use a client portal?

Client portals are easy to use, because they are designed to be accessible for all people and devices. This is because businesses serve clients of all backgrounds, who use a variety of devices like desktop computers, phones, and tablets. Foyer's client portal has a simple interface that is similar to other apps most people have already used. You can just drag and drop to share any file.

How many clients can use a client portal?

Foyer allows you to have any number of clients in your portal. That means unlimited secure file sharing, unlimited messaging, and unlimited eSignature requests.

What are some other uses for client portals?

You can use client portals for internal team collaboration. Our client portals have all the tools your team would need to collaborate with file sharing, and a real time chat. You can make group chats, and have an organization-wide chat channels.

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