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Get the Word Count of Any PDF (Free PDF Word Counter)

Use our free PDF word counter to get the word count for any PDF. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your PDF and you can see the PDF word count, PDF page count, and more.

When using this free PDF word counter, your PDF isn't actually uploaded anywhere, so it is completely secure.

Try it out! Counting words in a PDF has never been faster, you'll likely get your PDF word count in under a second.

ByAdamonJanuary 29, 2024

Select Your PDF

Either drag-and-drop a PDF or select a PDF via the upload button to count words in your PDF. There's no restriction on size, because the PDF will never leave your own computer.

View The Word Count

After selecting a PDF, the PDF word count will be shown below. Note that the word count could vary depending on the formatting of the PDF.

After you select a PDF, the word count will appear here.

What is a Word Count?

While this might seem like a redundant question, if you're concerned about the accuracy of your word count, you'll want to know exactly what a word count is!

At its core, a word count is a tally of all the words in a document. Whether it's an article, a report, a book, or any other written material, the word count quantifies the number of words it contains.

Where things get interesting is when you start asking: what exactly defines a word? Generally, a word is any element of a sentence separated by spaces or punctuation. It includes numbers, symbols, and contractions as individual words. For example, "can't" is counted as one word, just like "cannot."

Whitespace is fundamental to defining what a word is. Whitespace is any section in a document that is not occupied by text or graphics. This includes spaces, tabs, and empty lines. While whitespace is crucial for readability and document formatting, it does not contribute to the word count.

How to Count Words in a PDF

When it comes to counting words in a PDF, our PDF word counter tool is the quickest and easiest way. Here's how you can count words in any PDF document using our tool:

Using PDF Word Counter:

  1. Select Your PDF: Start by selecting the PDF document you want the word count for. It's a straightforward process where you can drag and drop the file or select it from your device.
  2. Automatic Word Count: Once uploaded, our tool immediately processes the document. It scans through the text in your PDF and calculates the total word count, without the need for conversion or additional steps.
  3. View the Results: After the quick analysis, the total word count is displayed. You can see how many words are in your entire document in under a second.

Our PDF word counter tool is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Unlike other methods that require converting the PDF into a different format, our tool maintains the integrity and layout of your original PDF. This means you get an accurate word count without altering the document's format or risking the loss of any data. Additionally, our tool ensures privacy and security. Your PDF remains on your device, and the word count process is done locally, offering a secure way to manage your documents. Whether you're a student, a professional, or anyone needing to keep track of word counts in PDFs, our tool offers a hassle-free way to get accurate results quickly.

Variability in Word Counts in PDFs

Counting words in PDFs can yield varying results due to several factors inherent to the PDF format. Understanding these factors is important to anticipate and interpret differences in word counts. Here are some reasons why word counts in PDFs can vary:

  1. Complex Formatting: PDFs often contain complex formatting elements like tables, charts, or columns. These elements can create uncertainty in defining what constitutes as whitespace, leading to variations in word count.
  2. Page Breaks and Whitespace: PDFs may have page breaks and areas of whitespace that are not clearly defined. In some counting tools, these breaks and spaces might be interpreted differently, affecting the word count.
  3. Text in Images: If your PDF includes images with embedded text, standard word counting tools might not recognize this text. As a result, any words within images won't be included in the word count.
  4. Variations in Tools: Different tools use varying algorithms to count words. Some might count numbers as words, while others might not. This discrepancy can lead to different word counts for the same PDF when using different tools.
  5. Hyphenated Words and Special Characters: The treatment of hyphenated words and special characters can differ among tools. Some might count a hyphenated word as one, while others count it as two separate words.
  6. Font and Text Size: Unusual fonts or text sizes can affect how a word counting tool interprets the text. In some cases, the tool might miss words or count additional words due to these variations.

If you want the most accurate word count, you'll want to make sure your PDF mainly contains regular text and not too much irregular formatting.

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