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Real-Time Messenger

Collaborate with your clients and staff using your own custom branded file sharing and chat. Packed with features like read receipts, archive controls, and live notifications to keep your organization on top of whats happening.
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Secure file transfer, real-time messenger, and custom client login portal

What is a Messenger used for?

A secure real-time messenger makes it easy to have a live conversation with clients and your staff. It is a better way to communicate than sending long email chains, and is secured using encryption in transit and at rest. Having your own custom file sharing chat portal means you and your clients can always stay up to date on your latest file exchanges. You can use it for both clients, and internally in your company. Our real-time messenger comes with read receipts so you can confirm whether a client has read a message or not. Our chat and file sharing keeps members of a conversation engaged by sending email notifications whenever a message goes unread.

A Secure Client Portal with Real-Time Messaging Built-in

Group Chats

Collaborate with groups both internal and external to your company.

Live Notifications

Get notifications immediately when you have a new message so you can stay up to date.

Custom Branding

Build up your brand by customizing your messenger using your own colors and logos.

Secured with Encryption

All messages are encrypted in transit and at rest with bank-grade encryption.

Modern and Fast

Get the speed and look you'd expect of a modern messenger.

Email Notifications

You'll be notified via email any time a message goes unread.

Role Based Control

Allows only staff of your company to change the settings on your messenger.

The Best Price

Foyer is affordable with our standard plan being just $10 per month per internal user.

Our features make Real-Time Messengers even better.

Client Portal

Give your business a safe and productive place for your clients to share documents and interact. Customizable using your company's own colors and logos to build trust around your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real-Time Messengers

Why not use email instead of a messenger?

Email is not a secure method of transferring files or messages. Emails can easily get lost, go to spam, get blocked by end user mailboxes due to security filters, and are often sent and stored without protection. A client portal provides a secure way of transferring files, and ensures that your files and messages never get lost.

Are messengers easy to use?

Yes, messengers are easy to use. It is similar to text messages, iMessage, or WhatsApp and designed to be as simple as possible. You simply type a message and press "send". Live notifications highlight which chats have been unread and require attention.

Are real-time messengers secure?

We keep your data safe and secure in our real-time messenger by encrypting your messages in transit and at rest.

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