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How big is 100 Gigabytes (GB)? Is It Enough For You?

How big is 100 Gigabytes (GB)? Is It Enough For You?
How big is 100 Gigabytes (GB)? Is It Enough For You?
ByAdamonDecember 16, 2023

Just how much storage is 100GB? For you nerds out there, 100GB is 100,000,000,000 bytes. But, if those numbers don't mean anything to you, you're not alone!

Even if you know your bits and bytes, numbers alone won't help you understand how much you'll get out of 100GB. Let's go over a few practical ways you can think of 100GB. So you'll know if 100GB is enough for you.

How much content fits in 100GB?

Is 100GB a lot? Even if you know how many gigabytes you have, it won't make sense unless you have a good analogy for it. Think of 100GB as:

100GB is 100,000 high quality photos

Assuming photos are around 1MB each

100GB is 2.976 days of video

Assuming each hour of video is around 1.4GB

100GB is 33,333 songs

Assuming each song is around 3 minutes long, and each minute is 1MB

100GB is 3.205 days scrolling through tiktok

Assuming each video is around 13MB and you watch around 100 tiktoks per hour

100GB is 38,461 ebooks

Assuming each ebook is 2.6MB

100GB is 69.444 days of music

Assuming one minute of music is 1MB

100GB is 52.083 days playing video games

Assuming one hour of gaming uses 80MB

Is 100GB Enough for You?

If you're wondering if 100 Gigabytes is enough for you, you'll first have to answer: is this for storage (e.g. laptop, flash drive) or for data transfer (e.g. cell phone plan or internet service)?

If it is for storage, try to estimate the number of photos and videos you need to store and compare with the section above to see if 100GB is enough for you.

Otherwise, if it is for data transfer, try to estimate the number of hours of streaming and social media you'll use and compare with the section above to see if 100GB is enough for you.

What are other ways to say 100 Gigabytes?

Here are some useful conversions for 100GB:

Abbreviations of Gigabytes

You might hear people abbreviate Gigabytes as one of these:

  • GB
  • gig
  • gigs

Is 100 Gigabytes the same as 100 Gigabits? (100 Gigabytes vs 100 Gigabits)

No, 100 Gigabytes is not the same as 100 Gigabits!

When internet service providers talk about data usage, they refer to the amount in terms of bits rather than bytes. For example, a typical download speed from a internet provider is often advertised as 200 megabits per second (abbreviated as "Mb" with a lower case "b").

When talking about storage on your phone or computer, people almost always refer to bytes rather than bits. You'll hear about the iPhone having 128 gigabytes (abbreviated as "GB" with a capital "B"). You'll almost never hear that the iPhone has 1024 gigabits of storage (which is the equivalent to 128GB in gigabits).

The difference between bytes and bits is important so you know exactly how much data or storage you're getting. 100 Gigabytes is eight times more than 100 Gigabits!

Looking for Some Other Size? Type in Any Size Below

Type in any size into the search bar below, and then click "Go". Here are some example sizes you could try out:

What are some common storage and data transfer sizes?

It might help to compare 100 Gigabytes to some common sizes that are used in devices and services you already know. Here are a few examples:

Storage Sizes for Phones and Computers

In 2023, iPhones came with 5 different storage options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

Storage Sizes for External Hard Drives, Flash Drives and SD cards

Flash drives and SD cards can have sizes ranging from very small 1.5GB or 10GB all the way up to 2TB and even 10TB. Flash drives storage sizes typically come in multiples of two like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

Storage Sizes for Cloud Storage Providers

Google Drive has cloud storage plans for these different sizes: 15GB (for free), 30GB ($6 per month), 2TB ($12 per month), and 5TB ($18 per month).

iCloud has personal cloud storage plans for these different sizes: 50GB ($0.99 per month), 200GB ($2.99 per month), 2TB ($9.99 per month), 6TB ($29.99 per month), and 12TB ($59.99 per month).

Foyer a secure client portal has two different sizes: 1GB (free during trial) and 100GB (per month per user).

Data Limits for Cell Phone Plans

As of December 2023, Verizon has these 4 prepaid data plans: 5GB ($40 per month), 25GB ($60 per month), 100GB ($80 per month), and 150GB ($100 per month).

Data Download Rates for Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Spectrum has 3 popular internet plans, with these 300 megabits per second downloads ($49.99 per month), 500 megabits per second downloads ($69.99 per month), and 1 gigabit per second downloads ($89.99 per month).

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