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Create a Website with Foyer's Website Builder

Create a Website with Foyer's Website Builder
Create a Website with Foyer's Website Builder
ByAdamonMarch 24, 2024

When starting a modern day business, one of the most essential aspects to consider is: how are you going to build your website.

Having a website is more important to some businesses than even acquiring an office space! That's because websites are effectively your virtual office.

A great website for a service business is a place where clients can not only learn about the services you provide, but also login to share files, send messages, more.

With all the services and products out there for creating a website, things can get complicated quickly.

There are two common choices: using a digital marketing agency (web design firm), or using a website builder (like Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, etc...).

Outsourcing your website comes with high costs, and vendor lock-in, while typical website builders come with issues of coding and designing yourself.

Today, we are giving you another option: the Foyer website builder.

Foyer's website builder is a quick way you can create a website that includes a client login page. It doesn't require any coding or design experience. All you do is copy one of our templates, and modify the text and colors to match your own branding.

This is a great option for people who are used to using a website builder, but also need an integrated client portal.

Our design was inspired by the simplicity of website builders like Google Sites, where you just worry about content, and we figure out the rest for you (like mobile support, formatting, menus, navigation).

For existing customers, you can find our website builder when you're logged in on the "Org" page.

If you're new to Foyer, you can get started on our website templates page.

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